📣Please note, we recommend using Google Chrome with Kara Connect.

First, set up your account

If you have been invited to a service with a specialist:

You should receive an email from your specialist from Kara Connect, inviting you to connect with them.

  1. In this email, click on Confirm Account

  2. Fill in the information.

  3. Once you have registered your account, you will be logged in to your Dashboard.

💡Note: You do not need to register a new account for each specialist you're  connected to.  All of your appointments will appear in one place, making it easier for  you to manage your sessions.

If you have not been invited by a specialist, but want to request a service:

  1. Create your account by following this link.

  2. Fill in your information.

  3. Once you have registered, you will be logged in to your Dashboard.

🔍You can look at available specialists and request services, by pressing Book a sessionSearch...  in the top right of your dashboard.

Get to know your dashboard

Home: Here you can see all upcoming appointments with any specialists you have been connected to. Here you can also change your account details, join sessions and more.

Book a session: Here you can search for available specialists/therapies, or view contact information for a service you are already connected with.

Billing: Here you can see your bills and update your billing information.

My profile:  To update/change your profile information, click on your name → Profile, in the top right corner. Here you can update details such as your profile picture, name, email, password and language/timezone.

Join a session

When you have an appointment, you will receive an email reminder. The appointment will appear on your dashboard next to your calendar. You can see the date, time, type of meeting, and price.

To join a session:

  1. Click on the session you wish to join.

  2. Click Join video session to the top right.

  3. Make sure you allow the browser to access your camera and microphone. You can test this in the window provided before joining the session.

4. Click Join session to connect with your specialist.

💬Once you have completed these steps, you should be ready to use Kara for your sessions. If you are confused or run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact us in the support chat at https://karaconnect.com/.

👀For more information, you can look at some video tutorials here.

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