Kara is a young company, founded in 2015. Right from the start it was the company’s aim to ensure data security and comply with the strictest regulations concerning the subject. 

From the start we built and implemented a security manual for all of Kara’s activities. A security team was then appointed by Kara’s board of directors. The team supervises Kara’s operations and development, operating according to predefined procedures and in accordance with the company’s security policy. This policy is built on Icelandic law that is very similar to EU directives. Kara operates in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security standard and has begun a process to receive an ISO 27001 certificate.

All communications in Kara are encrypted all the way from Kara to the end-user. 

All personally identifiable information is encrypted in Kara’s database. Kara uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), making the data unreadable without a specific key or keyword.

Video meetings in Kara use a peer-2-peer connection between participants. The peer-2-peer connection is encrypted using a DTLS/SRTP connection, this means that media is encrypted only at the sender and can only be decrypted at the receiver.

Security is a priority at Kara to keep Kara as secure as it can be we regularly go through a security audit from security company where they do a thorough review of Kara and make sure that Kara is up to data in all security related matters.  

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